Who Can Apply for Payday Loans?

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To be able to apply for a payday loan applicants must be employed either on a full or part-time basis since a payday loans are actually a form of cash advance on a person’s salary. This means that the loan company will lend an employed person a relatively small amount of cash, between $100 and $1000, on the condition that it is repaid in full, plus interest, on the very same day as the borrower receives their next salary payment.

The primary criteria against which payday loan companies assess this type of loan application is therefore a person’s employment status and level of income. This in turn means that the applicant’s credit history is deemed to be irrelevant and negates the usual requirement for a credit check. By eliminating the almost universal credit criteria of a credit check, USA payday loan companies are able to offer short-term loans to applicants who by virtue of their poor credit history are barred from accessing other forms of credit such as credit cards and long-term loans.

In order to qualify for a payday loan or cash advance loan it is necessary for applicants to provide proof of both their employment status and income. This is not as onerous as it may sound as it simply involves the applicant submitting copies of their three latest payslips together with the completed application form. In fact the entire application process is extremely quick and easy to complete whether applicants choose to apply online or in person at a high-street lending store.

Standard Payday Loans Approval Criteria:
– Employment status evidenced by 3 copies of the applicants most recent payslips
– Proof of home address evidenced by a bill from a utility company or copy of the applicant’s most recent bank statement
– Submission of personal bank account details
– The value of the loan applied for must not exceed the value of the applicant’s next salary payment

Dependant upon the applicant satisfying the above criteria, applications for payday loans are usually processed within minutes and if approved, applicants can have their cash within the hour if necessary.


It’s probably just me ;-)

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but I don’t see Amway’s new policies as a “problem”!!!!! Except as Jonathon says – the AMO leaders have no clue how to run their businesses this way????

Hinton, you’re so unreasonable in your expectations. How dare you ask all these wealthy people to make a living honestly and to actually work for the money they earn?

This is America. Vice and corruption are expected when money is involved and actually earning one’s income is just not acceptable.

I just wanted to fill you all in on an event that I attended for the local Lioness Club here in town

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I would say about 1/4 of the attendees of the local church holiday shopping fair where mlm’s and women who belonged to the local Lioness Club. I was there at the shopping fair to promote my spa business. I just wanted to do hand and back massages and I had very few cash and carry items. I had my table set up and relaxing music playing in my room. The atmosphere was set.

For fair booth renters, like crafters ect, this sign worked like a charm!

“Relaxation Zone Ahead”

Even if you do not have a spa, you can make up an official sign that promotes part of what you do and the atmosphere you want.

This sign was made to look like a road sign. I used print shop pro software. You would not believe how many people quieted down when they walked past my room:) Mother’s “shhd” their children as they walked by.

Yes, I still had some die hard mlmer’s throw their catalogs in my face, but I stated my clear intention, was to help people relax and have fun, and I made it clear what my mission and purpose was with my spa. I never had to use their mlm against them to defend my mission or defend myself, that wouldn’t have been relaxing. Anyone can use this way to speak to the mlmer’s to. I said it to everyone what my purpose was and that I love what I do. I didn’t feel forced to buy anything.

The old way never worked for me, saying I was not good at selling their way, they kept coming back. Even if you have to fake loving what you do, they get that you love what you do, and I had most of them left me alone after I said that. I had to say it with authority and purpose along with what I said. They’ll get it.

My other tactic was to say the truth, if I had to go this far, “I tried direct selling before, and network marketing before, that kind of system doesn’t work for me”. I never had to go there. The mlmer’s know what “system” means. I never used their mlm name in that line.
The mlmer’s are ready to defend themselves no matter how crazy it seems to us. They are programmed to defend their company and some of them look for that kind of conflict to promote their mlm biz. I know crazy, but the more I left their mlm name out of the conversation, the better what I said worked out.

Good luck and let me know if anyone tries this out:)

This does not necessarily apply to just this week

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but I am getting better about getting cash into envelopes the day I take it out. It certainly makes life easier the rest of the month. (We get paid monthly.)

Dh decided that we should take a raise as of July 1. We have not taken a raise in a long time. A good bit of it is going to paying extra on the principle of the mortgage. I want to call the bank this week and find out our payoff if we continue paying at this new rate. A few months back we were told our pay off would be in about 7 years (on our 15 year fixed). I am hoping the additional extra brings that down to half that time. Crossing my fingers.

Our raise has made it a little easier to budget for a couple other things like a regular deposit to savings, some entertainment money, and a little extra towards eating out. So it is mostly going on bills/savings, but we are putting a little toward some fun. I believe DR would say we need to have a little fun with it since the mortgage is our only debt.

In the past if we wanted to go to a movie, we had to plan on it for a couple of months because we didn’t have extra funds to go toward that. Movies here are $10+ each for a regular feature. Matinees during the week before 4 PM are $5, I think. It is hard for dh to get away for a movie that early. Matinees on the weekend are about $7, I believe. We rarely go to movies because there is so much junk out there. However we have gone more this year than previous years due to seeing God’s Not Dead, Heaven is Real, and Draft Day. Dd and I went to see Draft Day. It was a good story line be the language was totally uncalled for, especially in a PG-13. Last 10 minutes of the show they had to bring on the F-bomb. Really? They think that adds to the story? When I go to the movies I just LOVE having popcorn and a soft drink. I know, I know, concessions are the profit center of every theater. Usually I skip eating the meal before so I can enjoy the popcorn and Dr. Pepper. We go so little to the theater that I see it as a real treat.

Now we are putting aside each month for the category “entertainment”. It will go toward the occasional movie we want to see or anything we want to do that is not dining out such as baseball games, etc. It is only $35/month for this category so some months we will just have to save it to use later for something that costs more than that.

I think I’ve mentioned previously on this blog-forum

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that my DH was unemployed – he finally got a job first of June – selling cars (yikes!); so he spent the month of June learning the ropes and was just this week “released” to sell cars on his own. I am happy for him to finally have a job (he was unemployed for 19 months) but I’m nervous about the ebb and flow of sales. I told him to give it six months to see if he feels like he can make a go of it – we’ll reassess at that point.

The change in routine has been interesting though – I am much more structured with the little ones (4.5 and 2.5 years) than he was and to be honest they fuss but then let it go. Kids need boundaries and I am OK with making that happen but it’s tiring… on the days spouse works 12+ hours we pass in the night.

As for me, I am a defense contractor in the WDC area so my job is basically OK – I’ve been told I’m funded through next year at this point — unless I do something really stupid. ; )

Deposited the first DH paycheck – which paid for childcare for two weeks – hoping things pick up for him and that this actually pans out. Wish us luck!

I don’t know

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what help they could give me that you guys haven’t already given me since i’m working with most of my creditors to pay them off. And in January i’ll start saving more and paying all of them. I have less then 4000 in debt, don’t really see the point in it myself.


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It was overdrawn because I forgot about wasn’t cancelled before the free trial ended and I went ahead and paid Newport News online but didn’t think to call them so they took the 60 out of my checking account. Plus what I forgot to cancel was taken out twice. Need to call them to see why. That’s 21.95 plus the extra 30 I paid Newport News so that’s 51.95. learned my lesson. Good news is that i’ll have Newport News caught up a month sooner.
I’m gonna cut down the 25 that will start going into my savings next month down to ten a month til I get out of the loans, thanks for suggesting that. Also need to tell the bank my debit card is coming apart because I prefer to use it instead of writing checks except to pay a couple bills. I get a cashier’s check free to pay the rent and pay cash for the lights and phones.
The small loan (122.22) will be paid in october soon as I get paid and then i’ll only have the two to pay off. I still plan on paying off one a month, it’ll just take me a month longer so no christmas presents unless they’re really cheap or homemade and no cable ’til january but it could always be worse I guess, huh? I should be caught up on my three cards by then and can work on the fourth.

That’s what I didn’t understand

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Since if you are going to declare bankruptcy, retirement accounts are exempt. I was walking to and from school starting when I entered until I graduated high school and then I lived at home and walked 2 miles to the community college for 2 years after that. The walking didn’t bother me. The leaving a 9 year old and a 5 year old child at home alone for 2 to 3 hours every afternoon bothers me. I don’t think it is wise or safe.

I don’t know anything about credit counseling…

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So I can’t help you with that unfortunately. I do think it’s important to identify exactly WHY your account was overdrawn. What triggered the overage…a purchase you made, miscalculation, etc? Identifying it is important so you can take steps to prevent it from happening again.

I wouldn’t put anything more to savings until you get these payday loans paid off. How much is this new loan for and what are your plans to pay it off?

Sorry you haven’t been feeling well!

ok :)

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I will we are going with my brother and his wife (who got us started in it) and then we are taking two other couples we have gotten on the program, the first couple would be ok if there house wasn’t taking up 65% of their income and the second couple really still has no idea how this all works. Should be an interesting evening!