Month: August 2015

We went to a credit councelor when we first started looking

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They took the information and recommended bankruptcy. Then we found this blog.
This was a state credit councelor. So they were very nice and safe, some of them aren’t safe. These people took a look at what we were dealing and said that we already had our credit cards in hardship and they couldn’t help much with that. They were willing to wave the fees because it was so bad.
They wouldn’t take our irregular income only the weekly paycheck was included. Then I got a part time job and things are better a year down the line.

Three of my four card companies are

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working with me on a hardship program and Capital One suggested I see a credit counselor. Can someone tell me what they do? Is it free or does it cost? At this point, i’m broke so I couldn’t pay for anything extra and to me credit counseling is extra.
I only have about 4000 in bills anyways so if it costs me anything to do it it’s proably not worth it, is it? She did say it wasn’t debt consolidation which I refuse to do with this amount of bills and because it doesn’t help in the end anyways. Right?
I’m paying my monthly bills (rent, utilities), three of the four cards and two other bills every month. Cable company doesn’t appreciate my 5 a month but I told the lady already that I couldn’t do more right now. I’ve still got the 10 in savings and the 25 going monthly beginning next month. I’ve got about 23 right now in the bank. Problem is, I had to get another loan (please don’t say anything) to pay the bank because somehow I got overdrawn (not on purpose). This puts me a month behind on getting out of them but I had to pay the bank in order to pay Capital One online.
I’m sick again but since I met my deductible on my script plan the meds won’t cost me a dime. (thank God) I didn’t want to get the damn laon but didn’t see any other way because i’m still having too many seizures to do the yardsale. Mom is still too sick as well. If they don’t take my medicaid away from me i’ll be ok ’til January when I should be able to make it. I missed my foodstamp appt. because mom had a dr. appt and I had to stay at her house when they put in the new hot water heater. Finally!! Gotta wait allday tomorrow to be worked in.
Mom gave me five bucks last night to get her some cottage cheese at walmart and I paid for it with my foodstamp so I got cash to buy sugar and manwich. It’s cooled off here so no more AC. They’ll proably lower my foodstamps.

Breaking the law

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Why? Because it says “Do not print or forward, so it MUST be true… This one is particularly entertaining. Not even for the amount of the supposed transfer, but because of all the emotional ‘buttons’ that get pushed. Gambling, racketeering, recklessness, terrorists, prosecution for illegal activities…. One-stop shopping for a guilt trip… It’s amazing that this crap CONTINUES to go around