Month: October 2015

I don’t know

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what help they could give me that you guys haven’t already given me since i’m working with most of my creditors to pay them off. And in January i’ll start saving more and paying all of them. I have less then 4000 in debt, don’t really see the point in it myself.


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It was overdrawn because I forgot about wasn’t cancelled before the free trial ended and I went ahead and paid Newport News online but didn’t think to call them so they took the 60 out of my checking account. Plus what I forgot to cancel was taken out twice. Need to call them to see why. That’s 21.95 plus the extra 30 I paid Newport News so that’s 51.95. learned my lesson. Good news is that i’ll have Newport News caught up a month sooner.
I’m gonna cut down the 25 that will start going into my savings next month down to ten a month til I get out of the loans, thanks for suggesting that. Also need to tell the bank my debit card is coming apart because I prefer to use it instead of writing checks except to pay a couple bills. I get a cashier’s check free to pay the rent and pay cash for the lights and phones.
The small loan (122.22) will be paid in october soon as I get paid and then i’ll only have the two to pay off. I still plan on paying off one a month, it’ll just take me a month longer so no christmas presents unless they’re really cheap or homemade and no cable ’til january but it could always be worse I guess, huh? I should be caught up on my three cards by then and can work on the fourth.

That’s what I didn’t understand

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Since if you are going to declare bankruptcy, retirement accounts are exempt. I was walking to and from school starting when I entered until I graduated high school and then I lived at home and walked 2 miles to the community college for 2 years after that. The walking didn’t bother me. The leaving a 9 year old and a 5 year old child at home alone for 2 to 3 hours every afternoon bothers me. I don’t think it is wise or safe.