Month: November 2015

I think I’ve mentioned previously on this blog-forum

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that my DH was unemployed – he finally got a job first of June – selling cars (yikes!); so he spent the month of June learning the ropes and was just this week “released” to sell cars on his own. I am happy for him to finally have a job (he was unemployed for 19 months) but I’m nervous about the ebb and flow of sales. I told him to give it six months to see if he feels like he can make a go of it – we’ll reassess at that point.

The change in routine has been interesting though – I am much more structured with the little ones (4.5 and 2.5 years) than he was and to be honest they fuss but then let it go. Kids need boundaries and I am OK with making that happen but it’s tiring… on the days spouse works 12+ hours we pass in the night.

As for me, I am a defense contractor in the WDC area so my job is basically OK – I’ve been told I’m funded through next year at this point — unless I do something really stupid. ; )

Deposited the first DH paycheck – which paid for childcare for two weeks – hoping things pick up for him and that this actually pans out. Wish us luck!