Month: December 2015

This does not necessarily apply to just this week

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but I am getting better about getting cash into envelopes the day I take it out. It certainly makes life easier the rest of the month. (We get paid monthly.)

Dh decided that we should take a raise as of July 1. We have not taken a raise in a long time. A good bit of it is going to paying extra on the principle of the mortgage. I want to call the bank this week and find out our payoff if we continue paying at this new rate. A few months back we were told our pay off would be in about 7 years (on our 15 year fixed). I am hoping the additional extra brings that down to half that time. Crossing my fingers.

Our raise has made it a little easier to budget for a couple other things like a regular deposit to savings, some entertainment money, and a little extra towards eating out. So it is mostly going on bills/savings, but we are putting a little toward some fun. I believe DR would say we need to have a little fun with it since the mortgage is our only debt.

In the past if we wanted to go to a movie, we had to plan on it for a couple of months because we didn’t have extra funds to go toward that. Movies here are $10+ each for a regular feature. Matinees during the week before 4 PM are $5, I think. It is hard for dh to get away for a movie that early. Matinees on the weekend are about $7, I believe. We rarely go to movies because there is so much junk out there. However we have gone more this year than previous years due to seeing God’s Not Dead, Heaven is Real, and Draft Day. Dd and I went to see Draft Day. It was a good story line be the language was totally uncalled for, especially in a PG-13. Last 10 minutes of the show they had to bring on the F-bomb. Really? They think that adds to the story? When I go to the movies I just LOVE having popcorn and a soft drink. I know, I know, concessions are the profit center of every theater. Usually I skip eating the meal before so I can enjoy the popcorn and Dr. Pepper. We go so little to the theater that I see it as a real treat.

Now we are putting aside each month for the category “entertainment”. It will go toward the occasional movie we want to see or anything we want to do that is not dining out such as baseball games, etc. It is only $35/month for this category so some months we will just have to save it to use later for something that costs more than that.