Annie, Turmeric the spice is vitally important for your mother!

I know it is cheap and simple but if you do some research on the net you will find that it boosts the immune system and more importantly acts as a blood tonic and THINNER. Combine that with ginger 50-50 and thrown in some really hot cayenne about 5% of the mixture. I mix it with my daily low fat yogurt but you can encapsulate it as well. When I mix it with the yogurt I do it at the very top of the container so that after I eat it, I can eat some yogurt mixed with oat bran and fresh fruit. Oat bran is very important to keep the cholesterol level down.

I eat this everyday.

Don’t depend entirely on the cardiologist, as he will likely scoff at this but I know it works because I have seen the results under a microscope on many people, myself included.

You might also think about EECP treatments for your Mom as well. If you don’t know what they are, mention it to your cardiologist and do some research on the net as there is a lot of coverage there for it. Basically it helps generate growth factors and stem cells to grow new blood vessels. I think this not only helps the heart but other organs as well. I know it flushes the kidneys real good and quick, because even urinating before treatment, you have to afterwards as well. That is several hours of kidney work rolled into a one hour session, so you know that the blood is really moving through all the organs quickly.

A cardiologist in Turkey told me he uses it for stroke and if he can get the stroke patient on the machine during the stroke, there is often no damage from the stroke. He told me they also use it for congestive heart failure. I did EECP in Turkey and Germany, but the treatments in Turkey were better. I liked living in Germany better however.

Anyway, use the ginger, turmeric and cayenne as it has no adverse effects, not even risk of adverse bleeding as it allows the clotting process to function unless you take abnormally high amounts. You only need a couple of grams a day of mixture. The cayenne increases circulation and may increase heart rate a little.