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I understand your frustration on having the money

and not being able to put where you want to. Technically we were suppose to be paying off our first mortgage in about two weeks. But that isn’t happening because of the huge check we are sending to IRS Wednesday, the medical bills and possible income problems if dh’s health doesn’t go the way we […]

Dealing with doctors again for our homework

The 3 Stooges have yet to send us a correct bill. I keep telling them that once they send us a correct bill then I will pay them in full. But since payments we have already made seem to just disappear into the ethernet for weeks at a time they aren’t getting their nearly $1600. […]

You should do it!

I got this idea from an email newsletter. What is “it”? In this case, it was a physical fitness e-mail. So it could be walking continuously for 10 minutes. It could be walking a mile, or running a 5K. But I’ll expand this… “It” could be: -signing up for music lessons -signing up for a […]

Lesson taught:

Never argue numbers with a math nerd over a bill, especially one that has drank the Dave Ramsey koolade. Tuesday we received a call from dh’s doctor that he wanted to see us on Wednesday. This rattled us a bit, but we went in with a positive attitude, albeit an anxious one. I am the […]