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I understand your frustration on having the money

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and not being able to put where you want to. Technically we were suppose to be paying off our first mortgage in about two weeks. But that isn’t happening because of the huge check we are sending to IRS Wednesday, the medical bills and possible income problems if dh’s health doesn’t go the way we want is putting that payoff until maybe September. Earlier if dh’s biopsy turns out okay. Very frustrating to have the cash to clear a bill and not being able to put it on it. Hope yours all works out just the way you want it. Jan who is so tired of dealing with so many “variables” in life in OK

Dealing with doctors again for our homework

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The 3 Stooges have yet to send us a correct bill. I keep telling them that once they send us a correct bill then I will pay them in full. But since payments we have already made seem to just disappear into the ethernet for weeks at a time they aren’t getting their nearly $1600. I have the money, but they can’t seem to get the balance right, the last bill was nearly $2,000 even though they had received payments from us, Medicare and BCBS that some how are on the statement, but not deducted from the balance.

Some of you who are on fb with me already know all this. But for the rest of you. We finally (after over a week) got the CTscan results on dh, sort of…

Yes he definitely has a lump in his abdomen, but they don’t know what, or even for certain exactly where it is (inside or outside the bowel) so now we are in waiting mode again as we wait for them to get his biopsy scheduled, then of course we will have to wait on those results. So we still need prayers and good thoughts.

On a brighter note dh and I went to SDC again this last weekend for their Worldfest, we had a good time, but probably won’t go back to SDC until much later in the year. This trip was further under budget than the last one, so that “excess” will be paid on the mortgage this week. Those little bits really add up.

All in all it was a normal week, or what seems to be normal for us lately, around here. Jan who will be glad when the doctor realizes she is right that this lump thing has to do with a hernia repair 15 years ago in OK

You should do it!

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I got this idea from an email newsletter. What is “it”? In this
case, it was a physical fitness e-mail. So it could be walking
continuously for 10 minutes. It could be walking a mile, or running a
5K. But I’ll expand this…
“It” could be:
-signing up for music lessons
-signing up for a tennis class
-taking a language class
-discovering a new hobby

Something that gives you a goal and gets you ‘outside the box’. I
think mine will be “Placing a Craigslist ad – bass player looking for
a band/gigs”

You should do it!

Lesson taught:

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Never argue numbers with a math nerd over a bill, especially one that has drank the Dave Ramsey koolade.

Tuesday we received a call from dh’s doctor that he wanted to see us on Wednesday. This rattled us a bit, but we went in with a positive attitude, albeit an anxious one. I am the official dispenser of the Pollyanna pills after all.

We arrived about 15 minutes early, as per our normal habit, and was immediately told that dh had to pay a co-pay before he saw the doctor. We told them no, the visit was 100% being paid by insurance.

The head stooge of the 3 stooges was called and she came down waving a printout in her hand to prove me wrong. LOL! Silly woman.

She started off declaring we owed them a whole lot more than we do. I told her immediately she was wrong and gave her the correct number. Then the woman made what could have been a near fatal error had I been a person given to violence. She talked DOWN to me, told me I was wrong and she was going to PROVE to me I didn’t know how to read a bill.

You guys can guess how it went from there. No I didn’t stand on a desk, in fact dh will tell you I was very calm and polite to her. I suggested she show me how she came up with her numbers and informed her that IF I had been warned I was going to be attacked in such a manner I would have brought copies of the bills she had sent me and I could immediately show her where payments we had made were missing.

She insisted no payments were missing, that I was simply WRONG.

We went to a private room where she proceeded to rattle off numbers at me for each visit. So much for this charge, so much for that one, they had “wrote off” (her term for their contractual agreement with Blue Cross and Medicare) this amount, BC had paid that amount etc.

As she went I, being the math nerd I am and quite frankly quick with numbers, ran the numbers in my head at first, correcting her as she went on her totals. She Informed me we needed a calculator because her numbers didn’t agree with mine at nearly every turn and she was certain she was right because she was doing hers on paper and I was doing mine in my head. Uhhh, there is a reason I won math bees in our school growing up and I’m not so old yet that I can’t still do it.

I pulled out my cell phone, pulled up the calculator and handed it to her and said “why don’t you use this?” She couldn’t run the calculator, so I did for her. Guess which one of us was right. It certainly wasn’t her.

As we progressed I soon realized what she was trying to pull because she kept referring to our payments as “co-pays”, as if they were what we had to pay besides what insurance had paid them. Only I knew they had billed BC and Medicare for full amounts and had been paid accordingly based on those numbers.

In one of her “rerunning her calculations to find her mistakes moments” I quietly told dh to pull up the BC account on his phone. I had grown bored with the stooge and was there to see the doctor about whatever was so important he needed to see us asap.

Once dh had it pulled up I opened the file on the date we were currently discussing and quietly pointed out the line that said how much we owed the doctor. She said $35, it said ZERO. I offered to pull up the other disputed dates as well, but she realized I had her. She backed off immediately and said she would check with their insurance person to verify this.

I told her while talking to the insurance person she should also have them check on why there were two duplicate claims (for a total of 4 claims) filed on one office visit. She denied that happened, I showed her different on the website.

She just called me a few minutes ago and well, it seems I MAAAAAY be right. Duh! Lesson taught, lesson learned. She had “found” all the missing payments and they weren’t exactly co-pays like she thought….

We were finally allowed to see the doctor once I showed her the zero owed amounts. He wanted to do a further exam and then showed us the CT scan so we would be more knowledgeable of what was going on. I appreciated that. The mass is larger than dh and I expected.

The doctor says he has zero idea as to what it is and he will make certain we get a biopsy as soon as possible, but at this point he couldn’t venture to say, based on size, shape, location etc what it is. The three of us nervously joked about what it could be “furball”, since we have 5 indoor cats, missing kidney and similar jokes to just ease the tension. We do know a few more things. Not only is dh’s single kidney in good shape, so are his heart, lungs, prostate and bowel his bones too. There is just this kidney sized lump in his lower abdomen. So now we wait for the biopsy appointment and then for 2-4 weeks for testing on the sample they will take to get a definitive answer. It’s going to be a long month. Prayers please.

Jan who hopes the stooge gets a calculator she knows how to run soon in OK