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I don’t know

what help they could give me that you guys haven’t already given me since i’m working with most of my creditors to pay them off. And in January i’ll start saving more and paying all of them. I have less then 4000 in debt, don’t really see the point in it myself.


It was overdrawn because I forgot about wasn’t cancelled before the free trial ended and I went ahead and paid Newport News online but didn’t think to call them so they took the 60 out of my checking account. Plus what I forgot to cancel was taken out twice. Need to call them to see […]

That’s what I didn’t understand

Since if you are going to declare bankruptcy, retirement accounts are exempt. I was walking to and from school starting when I entered until I graduated high school and then I lived at home and walked 2 miles to the community college for 2 years after that. The walking didn’t bother me. The leaving a […]

I don’t know anything about credit counseling…

So I can’t help you with that unfortunately. I do think it’s important to identify exactly WHY your account was overdrawn. What triggered the overage…a purchase you made, miscalculation, etc? Identifying it is important so you can take steps to prevent it from happening again. I wouldn’t put anything more to savings until you get […]

ok :)

I will we are going with my brother and his wife (who got us started in it) and then we are taking two other couples we have gotten on the program, the first couple would be ok if there house wasn’t taking up 65% of their income and the second couple really still has no […]

Three of my four card companies are

working with me on a hardship program and Capital One suggested I see a credit counselor. Can someone tell me what they do? Is it free or does it cost? At this point, i’m broke so I couldn’t pay for anything extra and to me credit counseling is extra. I only have about 4000 in […]

Breaking the law

Why? Because it says “Do not print or forward, so it MUST be true… This one is particularly entertaining. Not even for the amount of the supposed transfer, but because of all the emotional ‘buttons’ that get pushed. Gambling, racketeering, recklessness, terrorists, prosecution for illegal activities…. One-stop shopping for a guilt trip… It’s amazing that […]

Homework hmmm….

I think I finally got the 3 stooges straightened out, at least she called and agreed with my numbers last week. On a how dumb do they think we are front: dh received not one, but 2 phone calls on the 16th that were automated calls claiming to be the IRS and that we were […]

After a process of elimination

I am being referred to a cardio doctor today. I was also perscribed potassium to go along w/ the lasix I’ve been taking. By the way I’ve had swelling on and off – my legs and feet. sometimes it’s been so bad I could hardly walk. We should be getting down to figuring this all […]

Hi Annie

I am very sorry to hear about your Mom. I do not have any experience in what she is going through so I am sorry, I don’t have any advice or suggestions. I will keep your Mom in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

My name is Annie, and I just joined this Blog and really need help

My mother was admitted to St. Joseph’s hospital in Tuscon with labored breathing and high pulse. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and has excessive fluid build up around the heart. She was tentatively diagnosed heart disease. Her treating cardiologist is telling us that they cannot do definitive tests to diagnose exactly what happened until the […]