Dealing with doctors again for our homework

The 3 Stooges have yet to send us a correct bill. I keep telling them that once they send us a correct bill then I will pay them in full. But since payments we have already made seem to just disappear into the ethernet for weeks at a time they aren’t getting their nearly $1600. I have the money, but they can’t seem to get the balance right, the last bill was nearly $2,000 even though they had received payments from us, Medicare and BCBS that some how are on the statement, but not deducted from the balance.

Some of you who are on fb with me already know all this. But for the rest of you. We finally (after over a week) got the CTscan results on dh, sort of…

Yes he definitely has a lump in his abdomen, but they don’t know what, or even for certain exactly where it is (inside or outside the bowel) so now we are in waiting mode again as we wait for them to get his biopsy scheduled, then of course we will have to wait on those results. So we still need prayers and good thoughts.

On a brighter note dh and I went to SDC again this last weekend for their Worldfest, we had a good time, but probably won’t go back to SDC until much later in the year. This trip was further under budget than the last one, so that “excess” will be paid on the mortgage this week. Those little bits really add up.

All in all it was a normal week, or what seems to be normal for us lately, around here. Jan who will be glad when the doctor realizes she is right that this lump thing has to do with a hernia repair 15 years ago in OK