Homework hmmm….

I think I finally got the 3 stooges straightened out, at least she called and agreed with my numbers last week.

On a how dumb do they think we are front: dh received not one, but 2 phone calls on the 16th that were automated calls claiming to be the IRS and that we were being sued for back taxes.

Since IRS NEVER calls, and he knew we did not owe back taxes he knew it was a scam, so he simply ignored the demand he call them.

On a better note the same day I received a notice from Wells Fargo we had over paid on our escrow and we should have a check in the next 10 days. So I went to their webpage separate from the email and yep looks like we will be getting about $375 and our required minimum monthly payment will go down about $25.

Of course we will turn right around and put the check and monthly savings against the principal of the first mortgage to bring that down faster and save a bit more on the interest.

On the spending front we paid in nearly $9000 in taxes all in one chunk from the savings account we had set up for that per our TMMO training. It hurt to send the tax man that much when we are down to owing right around $17,000 on the first mortgage…think of the difference that money would have made on that loan …whine… Detroit Harmonie is a nonprofit organization.

Of course now that the tax man is fed we will dispense with the few remaining doctor and hospital bills then hit the mortgages hard and fast. We both are really looking forward to that.

Sunday we bought a Sodastream Jet on sale to carbonate the homemade soda syrups I have been making cheaper than buying cans of seltzer water like we have been doing.

Our family is hooked on sodas, but we figured out is more the carbonation than the cola we crave. So we now drink more fruit based lower/no sugar carbonated water. My next purchase will be a brita filter or similar filtering system. Any recommendations? The filtered water on our fridge has a nasty taste to it we can’t get rid of or we would just use that.

We went to a local herb fair Saturday and purchased heirloom tomatoes, peppers and herbs for a container garden this year.

Health front…we MAY know what dh’s mass is and if we are right it should be good news, we won’t know for certain until after the biopsy, which the hospital still hasn’t scheduled, so please continue to hold good thoughts.

Right now dh is home due a very nasty head cold he is really feeling really rough today…ds and I think it is the stress of not knowing for certain on the mass that is keeping him so ran down.

Our big entertainment for the week was a wienie and marshmallow roast here at home. It was fun and cheap to do.