I just wanted to fill you all in on an event that I attended for the local Lioness Club here in town

I would say about 1/4 of the attendees of the local church holiday shopping fair where mlm’s and women who belonged to the local Lioness Club. I was there at the shopping fair to promote my spa business. I just wanted to do hand and back massages and I had very few cash and carry items. I had my table set up and relaxing music playing in my room. The atmosphere was set.

For fair booth renters, like crafters ect, this sign worked like a charm!

“Relaxation Zone Ahead”

Even if you do not have a spa, you can make up an official sign that promotes part of what you do and the atmosphere you want.

This sign was made to look like a road sign. I used print shop pro software. You would not believe how many people quieted down when they walked past my room:) Mother’s “shhd” their children as they walked by.

Yes, I still had some die hard mlmer’s throw their catalogs in my face, but I stated my clear intention, was to help people relax and have fun, and I made it clear what my mission and purpose was with my spa. I never had to use their mlm against them to defend my mission or defend myself, that wouldn’t have been relaxing. Anyone can use this way to speak to the mlmer’s to. I said it to everyone what my purpose was and that I love what I do. I didn’t feel forced to buy anything.

The old way never worked for me, saying I was not good at selling their way, they kept coming back. Even if you have to fake loving what you do, they get that you love what you do, and I had most of them left me alone after I said that. I had to say it with authority and purpose along with what I said. They’ll get it.

My other tactic was to say the truth, if I had to go this far, “I tried direct selling before, and network marketing before, that kind of system doesn’t work for me”. I never had to go there. The mlmer’s know what “system” means. I never used their mlm name in that line.
The mlmer’s are ready to defend themselves no matter how crazy it seems to us. They are programmed to defend their company and some of them look for that kind of conflict to promote their mlm biz. I know crazy, but the more I left their mlm name out of the conversation, the better what I said worked out.

Good luck and let me know if anyone tries this out:)