It was overdrawn because I forgot about wasn’t cancelled before the free trial ended and I went ahead and paid Newport News online but didn’t think to call them so they took the 60 out of my checking account. Plus what I forgot to cancel was taken out twice. Need to call them to see why. That’s 21.95 plus the extra 30 I paid Newport News so that’s 51.95. learned my lesson. Good news is that i’ll have Newport News caught up a month sooner.
I’m gonna cut down the 25 that will start going into my savings next month down to ten a month til I get out of the loans, thanks for suggesting that. Also need to tell the bank my debit card is coming apart because I prefer to use it instead of writing checks except to pay a couple bills. I get a cashier’s check free to pay the rent and pay cash for the lights and phones.
The small loan (122.22) will be paid in october soon as I get paid and then i’ll only have the two to pay off. I still plan on paying off one a month, it’ll just take me a month longer so no christmas presents unless they’re really cheap or homemade and no cable ’til january but it could always be worse I guess, huh? I should be caught up on my three cards by then and can work on the fourth.